TD928 Series Nurse Call System

TD928 Series Nurse Call System

Acmd's Nurse Call System for hospital is consisted of Host Machine, List of Patients, Power of Cabinet, Bed Extensions, Corridor Display Screen, Door Indicator, WC Extensions. The system is two-wire non polarized connection, the user can freely choose according to actual needs exposed or concealed extension.

We take the lead in adopting internationally popular surface mount technology (SMT) in the industry, have features of high consistency and quality stability. Adopt a complete set of imported chip mounters, hot blast reflow welders and other equipments.

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  • Two-way calling and intercom function

  • Two -wire and non- polar connectivity

  • Can be used with BB machines or cordless phones

  • Broadcast function

  • Can be connected to a computer

Safety and Reliable

  • Function of intensive care priority

  • Extension could call consistently without interruption

  • Store and automatically queue the number of extension when calling

  • Short circuit alarm

  • Could fix the extension with toilet urgent call

Stylish Appearance

  • Metal wiredrawing panel, simple and generous, easy to clean

  • Harmonious and beautiful colors, better patient feeling

Easy Reading

  • The host machine has 60 LED lights on front panel, which can show several calling numbers at the same time

  • The host machine is equipped with two high-rightness LED digital tube, which can automatically and orderly show the calling numbers, and information is shown clearly

  • Display screen with large four high brightness digital tube

  • Multi-function display

Convenient Operation

  • The extension numbers can be changed on line, by changing the encoding chips

  • Host machine hand free

High Quality

  • PIC series 8 bit single chip microcontroller made by American Microchip company, it has reliable performance

  • Housing of the host and extension machines uses imported molds and materials

Better Feeling

  • The calling system has many different chord music as cue music

  • The volume of ringing is adjustable with 16 levels

  • Extension equipped with hanging cord, easy for accessing

  • Voice is loud and clear between the host and the extensions, no any noise

High Quality

  • High-quality aluminum magnesium alloy, plug life 10,000 times.

  • High wear-resistant stainless steel switch valve core

  • Durable polycarbonate hood and metering tube.

  • High temperature and pressure resistant sterilized humidifier body

  • High polymer and high density filter element, humidifying evenly.

Beautiful Appearance

  • Made of aluminum alloy

  • CNC precision processing and anodic oxidation

High Accuracy

  • Analog: ± 3% Full-scale

  • Digital: ± 1% Full-scale


Technical Details

  • Working temperature: -10℃-4010℃

  • Relative humidity: ≤80%

  • Working power supply: 220VAC 50Hz

  • Working voltage of the bus: 24VDC

  • Static power Consumption: <20W

  • The standby current of the extension machine: ≤250Ua

  • The working current of the extension machine: ≤50Ma

  • The maximum capacity of the system: 99 call beds

  • Maximum length of the line: 1000 meters

  • Distortion: ≤10%

    Nurse Call System.jpg

Host Machine

  • Size: 310*210*55mm

  • Working Power: 24V

  • Two-way calling and intercom function

  • Call without interruption, call storage

  • Short circuit alarm

  • Intensive care priority

  • Multilevel volume adjustable

  • Hand free intercom

  • Can be connected to PC and used with cordless phones

Power Supply Cabinet

  • Size: 280*200*80mm

  • Working Power Supply: 220VAC 50HZ

  • Maximum Length Of The Line: 800 meters

  • Static Power Consumption: <20W

  • Output Interface: Ext. Door Indicator, Display Screen, Vice Machine

  • Installation type: Wall Mounted

List of Patients

  • Size: 570*740*25mm

  • Used for inserting patient information cards

  • With bed numbers

  • The Capacity: 60-80 Call Beds

  • Installation type: Wall Mounted

Corridor Display Screen

  • Size: 610*190*60mm

  • Double side display

  • Display calling information and clock

  • Two-wire connectivity

  • Installation type: Hang on the ceiling

Door Indicator

  • Size: 86*86mm

  • Working Voltage: 15V

  • Working Current: <30MA

  • Installation type: Using standard 86 concealed Box

  • Installed at the door of the hospital ward

WC Extension

  • Size: 86*86mm

  • Working Voltage: 24V

  • Suitable for toilet, Fully waterproof

  • Installation type: Using standard 86 concealed Box

  • Can be reset only through extension

  • Installation Position: Height 0.8 meter

Bedhead Extension

  • Size: 130*78mm

  • Hole Size For Installation: 110*64mm

  • Working Voltage: 24V

  • Metal wiredrawing panel

  • Calling, Indicating, Reset

  • Installation type: Wall-mounted or surface mounted type

  • Change numbers on line

  • With extension cords