A100D Series Automatic Digital Manifold System

A100D Series Automatic Digital Manifold System

ACMD automatic manifold system is design to provide continuous gas supply without any manual operation. It is mainly for small and medium-sized gas supply depot. Several cylinders centrally connect with manifold pipe, after depressurization and stabilizing and delivery medical gas to terminal use.

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  • Equipped with primary and secondary pressure reducer

  • Primary pressure reducer: Pilot-operated type, stable flow, durable

  • Secondary pressure reducer: Balance type big flow reducer, stable flow, durable. One standby, safer for gas supply

  • Equipped with safety valve, sensitive response, large discharge flow, provide safety protection


  • Stainless steel diaphragm pressure reducer to ensure a steady flow

  • System for fuel gas come with an anti-explosive device

  • External filter facilitates replacement of filtration elements

  • Equipped with safety valve, sensitive response, large discharge flow, provide safety protection

High Quality

  • Piping joints with silver brazing, maximum leak prevention

  • Compact structure, rational layout

  • Unique switch valve design, make sure that the main gas supply and the standby during gas switch, gas steady

  • In accordance with the CGA 4.1 and ISO 15001 standard degreasing cleaning, oxygen is used

  • 100% gas pressure tested, safe and reliable

Standard Structure 

  • Use stainless-steel high pressure pigtails, use copper pigtails for oxygen.

  • Equipped with gas heater for CO2

Easy Installation And Maintenance

  • Open-design manifold for future expansion needs

  • Wall mounted or floor mount installation

  • Thread connection outlet, Convenient installation

  • The 3-way ball valve,easy maintenance

Pressure Sensor

  • 0 ~ 10 V or 4 ~ 20 mA signal output

  • Monitor output and input pressure alarm


Technical Details

  • Input Pressure: 0.4-15.0MPa (150Bar)

  • Output Pressure: 0.4MPa (4Bar) ~ 0.8MPa (8Bar)

  • Normal Output Flow Rate: >100Nm3/hour

  • Input Interface Thread: M33*2 ( Customized )

  • Electricity: ~220V/60Hz, 250mA

  • Safety Valve Opening Pressure: 1.8Mpa


  • Piping joints: Silver brazing

  • Pig tail: Copper or Stainless steel

Physical Information

  • (Width*Height*Depth), Packed in wooden case

  • 12*12:3500mm*175mm*175mm, G.W 98KG(For Pipe)

  • 10*10: 1470mm*270mm*300mm, G.W 75KG(For Pipe)

  • 8 * 8: 1250mm*230mm*200mm, G.W 54KG(For Pipe)

Unit Optional

  • Customized for : Psi, kPa, Bar, MPa, inHg, and mmHg

Gas Optional

  • Oxygen, AIR, CO2, N2 etc.

Ordering Information

  • A5312X-5*5-1

  • 1=Manifold system layout (1:Standard Layout, 2:’’L’’Shape Layout,3:’’U’’Shape Layout,         4:Crossover Layout, 5:Staggered Layout)

  • 2=Cylinder valve spacing (1: 5’’-127mm, 2:10’’-254mm, 3:13’’-330mm,4:18’’-457mm)

  • X=Gas service(X: Oxygen, A: Air4, IA: Air7, C: Carbon dioxide, N20: Nitrous oxide, N2: Nitrogen)

  • 5=Number of cylinders(Left-hand)

  • 5=Number of cylinders(Right-hand)

  • 1=Type of mounted(1: Wall mount, :2: Floor mount)

  • ( Example: A100D12X-5*5-1 :Indicates a 5*5 cylinder digital automatic manifold system)

  • Distance between each cylinder is 10’’ on standard horizontal layout


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manifold 10.jpg
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manifold 8.jpg
manifold 5.jpg
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