LED Area Alarm System

LED Area Alarm System

ACMD Area Alarm allows the user to accommodate up to 8 gases in one alarm. This alarm system is a highly modular system utilizing the most advanced technologies in electronics and software. Retro-fitting with ACMD Compact Alarm will provide a simplistic upgrade to your existing system.

BC series alarm system is designed to accepted input signals of pipeline gas pressure, have built-in RS485 communication port allows each BC series alarm to be networked for remote monitoring.

The Compact has been engineered to provide you with flexibility in the number of gases needed in a smaller space.

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Beautiful Appearance

  • PCABS Transparent panel with touch mute button

  • White Ultra-thin Box with anti-rust treatment

  • Color coded gas modules

  • Individual read window with l with red "alarm", normal green trend indicator

Stable Working 

  • Sensors housed in a solid, tamper-proof enclosure to act as a barrier against any interference

  • Individual microprocessor for each display and sensor modul


  • Use special sensors and color coded for positive/negative pressure, more accuracy.

  • Pressure sensor acquisition of gas pressure signal in pipeline, offset reduced by 50%, design accuracy 1, more accurate value

Central Monitoring 

  • Available for monitoring the system with software MGMS V1.0, real-time monitoring, alarm, record and print, also can connect screen display, achieve modernized management.

  • Modbus RTU communication, better compatibility for accessing to hospital information management.

Value-added Service

  • OEM is accepted

  • Language can be customized for gas type, high/low alarm 

  • Unit optional for Psi, kPa or BAR read-out

Reasonable Design 

  • Touch Mute button for artificial mute in the event of an exception

  • Negative pressure sensor can bear the positive pressure impact of + 1.0 MPa, avoiding mistake connection.

Easy Accessing

  • Digital LED read-out with red "High/low alarm", Green for Normal, Yellow for “Warning”

  • Alarm buzzer 90 decibels for standard, can customized

Easy Installation

  • MSensors can be mounted locally or remotely for maximum distance 1000m

  • Sensors with DISS nut for easy connection.

Easy Operation

  • AHigh/low alarm/warning limits set-points are field adjustable for each gas service

  • Dry contacts are used between master module and source equipment for remote monitoring of high and low alarm


Technical Details

  • Power Requirements Input: 100~240 VAC

  • Analog Input: (1) Single-ended, voltage; Working Range: 9VDC±5% 

  • Relay Output: 1 output per 1 input gas

Main Composition

  • Alloy metal solid, tamper-proof enclosure

  • Stable gas specific sensor

  • Integrated circuit board

  • Injection molded plastic front panel

  • Power adapter and Net Hub


  • Front Panel: Injection Molded Plastic (PCABS, V0 Flame Rated)

  • Case Body: Metal Alloy

Physical Dimension

  • (Width*Height*Depth)

  • 1Gas:240mm*230mm*65 mm, G.W 3KG

  • 2Gases: 340mm*230mm*65 mm, G.W 4KG

  • 3Gases: 440mm*230mm*65 mm, G.W 4.5KG

  • 4Gases: 540mm*230mm*65 mm, G.W 5KG

  • 5Gases: 640mm*230mm*65 mm, G.W 5.6KG

Unit Optional

  • Customized for : Psi, kPa, Bar, MPa, inHg, and mmHg

Ordering Information

  • Example: BC-AA-03-OVA indicates an area alarm for oxygen, vacuum, and medical air

  • “BC” indicate: BC series area gas alarm

  • “AA” indicate: Area Alarm  

  • “03” indicate: Number of Gases 

  • “OVA” indicate gas kinds