Isolation Valve With Extensions

Isolation Valve With Extensions

The front assembly is an easily removable cover window with pull ring. The window conceal the piping and valves inside the box and labeled “Caution - Medical Gas Shut-Off Valves - Close Only in Emergency” Placement of the valves within the zone valve box shall be such that the removable window cannot be replaced when any valve is closed.

Clear viewing space shall be provided in the window to display the gas service, the area controlled by the valve, and the pressure gauges.

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High Quality

  • 100% air tightness test and be hydrostatically tested

  • Clear gas service viewing 

  • Units of gauge available in PSI, MPA

Valve Design

  • Stainless-steel 3 pieces ball valves

  • Blow-out proof stem

  • The valve for pressure rating of 600 psig

Stable and Reliable

  • Silver brazed connection, 100% gas tightness

  • Complies with latest edition of NFPA99

  • A label cluster is included to indicated gas type

Quality Warranty

  • 3 years’ warranty

  • Complies with latest edition of NFPA99

  • 100% air tightness test and hydrostatically tested 


Technical Details

  • Tube size: Customized (1/2’’-3’’)

  • Provided with 60 diameter gauges

  • Color-coded labels for identity gas services

  • Stainless-steel 3 pieces ball valves

  • Silver brazed connection

  • Unit of gauge available in PSI, MPA

Installation methods

  • Type k copper pipe extensions that are cleaned for medical gas service shall be fitted into each side of the valve.

  • Dual gauge ports shall be drilled into the pipe extensions for the purpose of inserting gauges.


  • Packing Size: 475mm×280mm×165mm, tube size 1/2, 15pcs packed in 1 wooden case

  • Weight:G.W: 11KG; N.W: 10KG 


  • Pipe: Copper & Stainless steel

  • Mounting box: 18 gauge galvanized steel sheet with white baked paint 

  • Valve: Stainless-steel 3 pieces ball valves

Ordering Information

  • VL1-XXLX

  • XX=Tubing Dimension(05:1/2’’, 07:3/4’’, 10:1’’, 15:1-1/2’’, 20:2’’, 25:2-1/2’’, 30:3’’) 

  • X= Quantity of gauge (1: one connection gauge, 2: two connection gauge ) 

  • ( Example: If you would like to order a valve with one connection gauge with 1/2'' tube size, then the model number should be VL1-05L1 )


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