Electric Single Arm Pendant

Electric Single Arm Pendant

Electric pendant as the preferred surgical and anesthetic tower in the senior operating room, highlight the noble temperament, more than 650mm lift height, quite convenient for equipments placing and watching. There is single and double arm optional to suitable for different sizes of operating theatres and rescue room, recovery room, ICU etc., one bed tower.

It can be fitted with a large range of accessories: infusion rack, platform, metal basket, light, telephone output, medical rail, or other accessories upon needs & requirements of the workplace concerned.

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Standard Configurations

  • Electrical Socket: 10pcs Universal 3-Pin socket

  • Grounding Terminal: 2pcs (With grounding cables)

  • Medical Shelves: 2pcs (Size: 400*450mm)

  • Drawer: 1pcs

  • IV Pole: 1pcs(Extension arm optional)

  • Storage Basket: 1pcs(SUS304, 146*156*246mm)

  • RJ15: 1pcs

  • RJ45: 1pcs

  • Gas outlets: 3pcs

  • Flange not included

Brake System

  • Hand Movement Brake System(Standard)

  • Air Brake(Optional)

Technical Details

  • Model Number: ACE-S1-A

  • Rotating Angles: 340°(Horizontal)

  • Length of Arm: 1000mm(Standard)

  • Height of Pedestal: 800mm

  • Height of lifting: 680mm

  • Electricity: 220V, 50Hz; 110V, 60Hz

Weight Loading Capacity

  • Net Weight Loading: 200kg

  • Shelf Loading: ≤80kg