British Standard Wall Outlet

British Standard Wall Outlet

The ACMD gas outlet are designed for delivery of medical gas from a central pipeline system.Suitable for patient room,operating areas,surgery centers and dental offices. This Ohmeda standard ACMD gas outlet provides a full color-coded for easy gas identification.

All outlets are 100% individually hydrostatically tested from maximum gas flow and 100% gas tightness tested to ensure safety and are backed by our industry leading 3 year Warranty.

We also have other configurations available to match your requirements.

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Perfect Connection

  • Connect the flowmeter using the corresponding adapter

  • Installation method: Console type, Wall mounted type, Medical pendant type, Bed head unit type, etc.

High Quality

  • Modular structure, convenient maintenance

  • 100% air tightness test and hydrostatically tested

  • 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging

  • Swivel inlet copper pipe for easy installation

  • Available with box and without box

Color Standard

  • Full color Code on the cover(NFPA Color Codes & ISO/CSA Color Codes)

  • Color-coded for easy gas service identification

Safety and Reliable

  • Accepts only British gas specific adapters

  • Complies with NFPA 99 and CGA G-4.1 standards

  • The socket of each gas shall be gas-specific for the attachment of its base

  • Indexed to prevent interchangeability of gas services

Easy Installation & Maintenance

  • Universal rough-in assembly, can be replace at any time

  • Modular structure, convenient maintenanc


  • 3 Years


Technical Details

  • Identify gases using the USA color standard

  • 360°Swivel Inlet Pipe for easy installation,safety system for Non-crossing of Gases

  • Gas types include oxygen, vacuum, air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, exhaust gas, etc.

  • Universal Rough-In Assembly to accept Quick Disconnects 


  • 100% air tightness test , leak tested and hydrostatically

  • 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging

  • Processed in accordance with EN 737-1:1998, DIN13260-2, ISO9170-1, ISO9170-2 British terminal standards


  • Packing Size: 460mm*330mm*260mm ( 40pcs to 1 Carton )

  • Weight: G.W: 20 KG; N.W: 19KG 


  • Outlet panel: Zinc Alloy

  • Valve part: Brass

  • Gas pipe: Copper

  • Installing bracket: Stainless steel 

  • Gas adapter: Stainless steel 

  • Panel: Aluminum

Ordering Information


  • ABS=British Standard Outlets

  • CONW=Installation Type (CON: Console, CONW: Wall mounted)

  • MP= Metal Panel

  • OXY=Gas Type(AIR: Medical Air, N20: Nitrogen, CO2: Carbon Dioxide) 

  • ( Example:ABS-CONW-MP-OXY :Metal panel type Wall British Standard oxygen gas outlets.)