H Type Double Arm Abdominal Cavity Pendant

H Type Double Arm Abdominal Cavity Pendant

H Type Abdominal Cavity Pendant as the preferred abdominal tower in the operating room, Generous appearance, multi-functional, there is single and double arm optional to suitable for different sizes of operations.

It can be fitted with a large range of accessories: infusion rack, platform, metal basket, light, telephone output, medical rail, or other accessories upon needs & requirements of the workplace concerned.

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Standard Configuration

  • Electrical Socket: 10pcs Universal 3-Pin socket

  • Grounding Terminal: 2pcs (With grounding cables)

  • Medical Shelves: 4pcs (Size: 400*450mm)

  • Drawer: 1pcs

  • IV Pole: 1pcs(Extension arm optional)

  • Storage Basket: 1pcs(SUS304, 146*156*246mm)

  • RJ15: 1pcs

  • RJ45: 1pcs

  • Gas outlets: 4pcs

  • Flange not included

Brake System

  • Hand Movement Brake System(Standard)

  • Air Brake(Optional)

Technical Details

  • Model Number: ACF-S2

  • Rotating Angles: 340°(Horizontal)

  • Length of Arm: 900+700mm(Standard)

  • Height of H Type assembly: 1500mm

  • Electricity: 220V, 50Hz; 110V, 60Hz

Weight Loading Capacity

  • Net Weight Loading: 150kg

  • Shelf Loading: ≤80kg