Touch Tablet Operation Room Control Panel

Touch Tablet Operation Room Control Panel

New generation of operating room touch flat control screen series "TOUCHPAD ", using the latest international technology, induction capacitor screen and tempered glass design, powerful, affordable, cost-effective, to solve the current market products easy to crash, poor heat dissipation, slow system startup, water can not touch, easy to hide pollution, difficult to clean.

This product is truly suitable for the environmental requirements of the operating room, providing with the ideal solution.

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Latest International Capacitive Screen

  • Less light loss

  • System of low power consumption

  • Clear and delicate picture

  • Support for multi-touch technology

  • Responsive, no calibration required

  • Can touch with water, accurate and no dirft

Open Android System

  • Fast running speed and better compatibility 

  • Consume less memory

  • Stable quality HD

Integrated Circuit System

  • No need CPU, hose machine, memory chips etc.

  • No fan cooling required

  • No disk storage required

One-Click Upgrade

  • By U disk or email, quite convenient

Powerful Emergency Response System

  • The system starts the memory function, the original equipment immediately restored to the pre-power before the parameters

  • In the event of  power failure or malfunction in a particular situation, the system can still operate without affecting the use of relevant equipment

  • With emergency startup system

Powerful Communication system

  • Link Controller serial Port

  • HDMI Output Interface

  • Network segment ports, USB Port, SD Card

Intelligent Remote Control

  • Access connect with BA system

  • Remote switch and SMS alarm function is only needed for a mobile phone

Ultimate Aesthetic Design

  • Wonderful flat touch screen, technology to lead the future, operating room preferred

  • Pure tempered glass Design 180-degree HD Visual no blind area

  • Convenient mechanical Movement

Easy to Operate, No Radiation, Energy Saving

  • Power consumption of about 60W under normal boot, power consumption in the shutdown state of about 5W

  • Installation requires only a single wire connection between the touchscreen and the control line for easy maintenance

Place of Application

  • Mainly used in hospital operating theatres, isolation wards, clean corridors and paving houses




Place of Application

  • Mainly used in hospital operating theatres, isolation wards, clean corridors and paving houses

Time Unit Module

  • Beijing time, day, month don’t need to set, synchronize with the computer host automatically

    Surgery time, and anesthesia countdown

Telephony Call Module

  • Touch screen dial-up keyboard

  • Volume adjustment function, Ringtone selection function, Intercom Group Call function,

    Caller LEDs, etc.

Gas State Module

  • Medical gas pressure status shows normal, high, low gas pressure

  • Passive contact connection for gases in the operating room

Air Conditioning System Module

  • Temperature Display Range: 0~50℃ 

  • Display Accuracy: ±0.1℃

  • Humidity Display Range: 0~99.9% 

  • Display Accuracy: ±0.1% 

  • Differential Pressure Display Range: ±50Pa

  • Display Accuracy: ±0.1Pa

Control Screen Module

  • This module has lighting 1, lighting 2, without shadow lamp, viewing lamp, exhaust gas emission, fire alarm, IT power supply normal and other control functions

Product Function

  • Beijing time, anesthesia timing, surgical timing

  • Air conditioning unit temperature and humidity display and setting

  • Lighting 1, Lighting 2, shadow less lamp, viewing lamp, anesthesia waste discharge of the start and stop, fire alarm, it power supply etc

  • Oxygen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, compressed air, vacuum etc. Display too high, too low, normal state

  • Telephone group call, background music and other functions, with phone number storage function 

  • The digital communication function is realized by reserving the communication interface of the upper computer and the communications interface of the automatic control system


  • Size 24": L726*W427*H18mm

  • Size 27": L843*W446*H18mm

  • Size 32": L900*W504*H18mm